Virtual Guard®


Virtual Guard®, the absolute Perimeter Protection service. based on a totally different logic than the common alarm systems. the activation and the trigger of all Classical Alarm Systems is through various sensors (Radars, Beams, VX, BX, etc.), the Virtual Guard® Service reacts through the analysis and processing of video footage. This processing is performed by a dedicated video analytics server, which is installed in your area that is connected to cameras that located in your perimeter.

We programming this system based on unlimited number of scripts and rules, for example when someone come closer in order to attempt an intrusion, making it very difficult or impossible for anyone or any kind of malicious system to bypass. This Service is the most technologically advanced of our services. For this reason, specially trained staff, are required exclusively for this service.

Detecting potential threats is immediate, as well as addressing them, within 7 to 15 seconds of the intrusion attempt the activation of the installed countermeasures and the full implementation of the pre agreed security protocol, is done automatically. At the same time, based on the pre agreed security protocol, the certified individuals you have selected are alerted. To ensure your secure privacy, we provide any information about your installation after a specific security validation process.

The methods of communication of the Virtual Guard® service are through 3G - 4G, adsl - vdsl, satellite connection. In addition, the service works seamlessly even in the most challenging conditions. To summarize, Virtual Guard provides prevention, security, and immediate suppression of events, coupled with the fact that it manages to save up to 35% of static storage costs.

Service billing

Per hour


It responds to all adverse weather conditions

Cost reduction

At least 35% than one security guard.

Communication methods

i) ADSL / VDSL, ii) 3G / 4G backup, iii) Satellite