Alarm Verification


The "Alarm & Verification" service is designed to supervise your site. This system can be applied within your perimeter by using external / internal radar and photoelectric links. As soon as the system detects traffic, the alarm automatically sends a special unique code to the company's Crisis Management Center.

At the same time, the Business Center and Crisis Management screens show live video footage from the CCTV of your site. The trained operators of our Center analyze the footage in order to identify the existence of threat, in case of intrusion they informing and guiding the Authorities appropriately.   Another Center Operator connects to the Video System by checking the video recordings at the time the Alarm is triggered.

At the same time, based on your pre-agreed security protocol, certified individuals will be alerted, as well as operators will activate pre-agreed countermeasures to prevent the violation. To ensure the privacy of our confidential communication we will supply you secret codes in order to identify you



The "Alarm Verification" service requires your connection to the Operations and Crisis Management Center.

In the Alarm Verification service you can additionally add the following services:

Virtual Patrol Service
Through your cameras, we monitoring your surrounding space to monitor and control the current situation.
Virtual Control Service
Through this service you define specific commands that can be applied by our center eg remote opening - closing of doors, lights, and any activation of electrical systems.
On Off Service
Checking and monitoring system reinforcement. The arming and disarming user is logged and identified. The responsible person may be informed of the time and location of the installation.
Security Guards
We provide static guards for space and time you want.
Security Patrol
By providing a security patrol you have the supervision of your area by an experienced patrol guard.